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In this article regarding the Australian based company called SEO Juice run by Dave Adamson who I used to promote my website Stone Mania, I am going to expose the lies which they make in their advert which can be seen on their own thread in the Warrior forum.  Sadly there are many companies like them who promote themselves through the internet and it’s frightening to think that no matter how careful you are, you can still fall victim to cowboys like these.

SEO Juice (seo juice . net) regularly posts in the Warrior Forum promoting their SEO services and it had often caught my attention.  Although initially very wary of the guarantees they make, I decided after speaking with Dave Adamson through his own website to give them a go.  The time that I spent with them as a customer resulted in my website losing all credibility in the eyes of Google and other search engines and they almost lost me my online business completely.  Having spent over ten years building Stone Mania’s website into a trustworthy, secure and reputable online business which sells crystals, rocks, minerals and ladies gemstone pendants, it was brought completely to its knees by this company in just six months.

The original posting in the thread that lead me to use SEO Juice has been updated in recent weeks although Dave does not state this and the only giveaway is that the Google updates that he mentions had not even been released at that time the article was originally posted.  However the basic promises and guarantees that Dave Adamson of SEO Juice makes, remain exactly the same but be warned, these are false and should not be believed.  I have used excerpts from his emails to me in response to my complaint about his work to prove this.

The updated posting can be seen by pasting this link into your browser:



The Original Posting

Screenshot of the original posting

Above is a screenshot of the original post which has since been used again in a different forum.  In the screenshots below you’ll also see other parts of the original posting from the Warrior forum. Although this has now changed, the original thread remains very active.



14 15 16 10 13

One of the first points in the updated post on the Warrior forum, it is stated that all content is written by native English writers which is not true.  Whilst promoting my company for six months, well over two hundred comments were posted in various discussion forums which linked back to my website using the keywords that had been agreed.  None of these were quality links nor were they written by people who could string a sentence together in English.

Original posting recently updated

Original posting recently updated


 Below are just three examples the links using my keywords which were sent to me by Dave Adamson in my monthly report.  Sadly I never checked each and every link that was built for me at the time.

5 4 3 Forum Posting 1

These are the so called high quality links that are promised by SEO Juice, in fact they’re nothing more than low quality, rubbish, black hat spammy links, a perfect recipe to get you penalized by Google which is exactly what happened to my website.  The other thing that SEO Juice did was to copy a snippet of text from the home page of the Stone Mania website and paste it hundreds and hundreds of times into more discussion forums.  Once again all the links to these threads were sent to me in my monthly report but I never went through each one to check it.

Excerpt from Stone Mania homepage

This caused furhter problems as Google hates duplicate content and has issued updates to tackle it hence traffic to my site quickly started to fall.  Despite complaining to Dave Adamson regularly about the fall in traffic and business, he assured me he was doing everything that could be done to promote my website and stated on many occasions that he could find no reason for the drop in traffic.  The comments from his emails can be seen in my previous post.

So back to the promotional post in the Warrior Forum.  Below is another screen shot of what they promise but the this is yet another lie.  After six months of working with SEO Juice and my website almost falling out of the top 100 of Google listings for all of my keywords, Dave Adamson admitted defeat and his response to my email can also be seen below.

Guarantees from SEO Juice

Guarantees from SEO Juice

Response from Dave Adamson

Response from Dave Adamson

I certainly wasn’t offered any refund on the $2000 that I had paid for their services and in fact when I queried this was told that I wasn’t eligible as I hadn’t signed up through the Warrior Forum.  In fact, what I had done is click on the link in the forum posting which took me directly to his website and from there, I emailed Dave directly to set up the original agreement.  I have never received one single penny back for the work they did on my website.  

What he did point out to me in one of his replies was his Terms & Conditions and in that they state:


Interestingly since updating his promotional ad in this thread, his prices have increased as have the reduced prices that he is offering and the packages themselves have also changed.  He continues to offer guarantees of page one ranking!  Furthermore in the customer reviews lower down the page, the one submitted by Ally Church who is the Operations Manager at SEO Juice has now been removed.  Her review can be seen in my  previous post.

In Dave’s most recent response to an enquiry, he once again confirms that his company can achieve wonderful things.  My experience with him was catastrophic for my online business and Google rankings and I would warn anyone looking for an SEO company to avoid SEO Juice at ALL costs.

I’m very pleased to say that Stone Mania is in a much better position once again on Google and myself and the team can now get back to doing what we love most, which is selling beautiful crystals, rocks and minerals!


I posted a comment in response to the above


About Stone Mania - Crystals, Rocks, Minerals
Stone Mania is a London based wholesale and retail supplier of crystals, rocks, minerals and ladies gemstone pendants. We are a small team of mineral enthusiasts who travel to Africa, Asia and the USA several times a year in order to buy pieces for our collection. As well as shipping minerals back to the UK, we also bring up to seventy kilos back with us at any one time and thanks to our wonderful clearing agent and UK customs, we're usually through in pretty good time. Stone Mania started life in the winter of 2002 and those early days were spent trading one day a week from behind the counter of a cramped stall in Camden market. Dedication, passion and a huge amount of hard work meant that the business grew steadily and went from strength to strength and despite a few ups and downs especially during the credit crunch of 2008, we never had any doubt that Stone Mania would pull through. Fifteen years on and we're just as enthusiastic about Stone Mania as we were on that very first trading day back in 2002. We love what we do and are very happy to say that our customers also love what we do and together, we all get to enjoy some of the worlds most beautiful and fascinating crystals, rocks and minerals. If you're a retail customer you can shop online with us through our website but for those interested in buying wholesale from Stone Mania, please contact us first in order to set up an account.

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