Dave Adamson SEO Juice – Liar and a Cheat

Having written a review of Dave Adamson’s company SEO Juice in the Warrior forum in response to a posting in which he said

“We also work with many companies in th UK and have a lot of UK resources to utilise for high quality link building”

A concerned member asked if there was any truth in what I had written and asked if anyone else had experienced problems.

Original Review

Dave’s reply to this posting can be seen in the two screenshots below.  The reason I’ve used screenshots is because otherwise he may well accuse me of fabricating this information.

Response by D.Adamson


Instead of admitting that he had been caught out, Dave Adamson decided to tell whatever lies were necessary to protect the reputation of his company SEO Juice but sadly him, there was far too much incriminating evidence so he had no chance at all.  He had already started deleting threads in which I’d commented so it was really important that I took screenshots of absolutely everything.

My response to his post although extremely long, was accurate, thorough and backed up by evidence in black and white and was the only way for me to explain the full story of what had taken place.


OMG!!! How can someone tell such blatant lies? Dave, you really should be ashamed of yourself.  I have not been a member of the Warrior forum long enough to post links, however I have numerous screenshots on my blog of emails between us in which we discussed the link building which had been done by the company in India.  I also have ACTUAL links that were built by them. When I initially raised concerns about the snippet of text from my home page which had been copied and pasted into hundreds of links, he replied as follows:

“I am also not sure how the comment has been copy/pasted from your website as that is not the process we use.”

He went on to say in a subsequent email:

“Needless to say we have fired that supplier due to the quality standards of their service slipping over time. When we first started using them we were assured that they were using only native English writers, and the quality was more than acceptable, and at first they were above and beyond our expectations. Please be aware though, these suppliers were only handling the Forum and Profile links part of the service, all other links were either handled by ourselves manually, or other 3rd party sources here in Aus.”

With regards to organic traffic, when we first went to SEO Juice we were receiving around 50 hits per day and this had been steady for the last 18 months or so. Within a couple of months, this dropped to 10 to 15 hits per day and continued to drop during the remaining time we spent with SEO Juice.

We found several issues on rarrar’s website to which we advised him to change. Ie; speed up the website, perhaps move to a more modern WordPress CMS, add more content to his site, etc.

There was indeed an issue with speed on my website which was addressed when Dave brought this to my attention but it made absolutely NO difference at all to my rankings or traffic. The platform I use for my website is Joomla and I think there are enough websites around the world that use them without having to change to WordPress which I had been told by the person who does the techy stuff on my site is totally unsuitable for an eCommerce website of my size. With regards to content, I have over 700 pages of information on my website ALL of which has been written by me and each page includes strong keywords, plenty of interesting facts and talks in detail about the different crystals, rocks and minerals that I sell. Furthermore there are several hundred internal and external links throughout the website, NON SPAMMY ones plus over one thousand individual and unique items being offered for sale each of which has a carefully written description and appropriate meta tags.

Dave said I ignored his suggestions! See text below from email correspondence between Dave and myself:

Email sent 11June2013:

Hi Dave,

Just wondering if any progress is being made with the new campaign. The traffic on my website is continuing to fall and the unique visitor number is now at the lowest that it’s been all year and it’s also dramatically down on last year’s figure. Bounce rate is up and time spent on site remains relatively unchanged. Even though I’ve never really been satisfied with the SEO that I’ve had with previous companies, as you’ll see from the attached document, over the years there has been a gradual improvement in all analytics figures but since December, I’ve only seen the figures fall which seems extremely strange considering the amount of SEO that’s being put into the promoting my site by your company.

I really don’t know how much longer I can hold out waiting to see an improvement in traffic and business and would be interested to hear what sort of time frame you would expect to start seeing something positive come out of the work you are putting in. Next month will be seven months of SEO yet traffic is continuing to fall.

In an email to Dave dated 11June13 after he had already advised me that he would be writing some articles using new keywords as the existing ones obviously weren’t performing well to try and help my campaign, I said the following:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Glad to see the articles have been written, two of the three read pretty well, the second one on hub pages is saying it is no longer published?

I look forward to seeing what difference in traffic these make as I really need to get things moving urgently and start getting some decent traffic again and then hopefully business will then pick up again.

After Dave advised me that my site was running slowly and suggested I move it to WordPress, my tech guy did some digging and I sent the following in an email:

“So I have finally discovered the reason for my site running so slowly. Deep in the back end was a tool which automatically converted my images from JPEG to GIF and these type of files take up about 4 times as much space as JPEGS. Considering I have about 2500 images in total on my site, that’s no wonder it has been running slowly. This tool has now been removed and I have converted and uploaded about 1000 images as JPEGS so the site should already be running considerably faster. I have about 1500 still to do but will get this completed over the next week or so.  This really should dramatically improve the way my site is performing and along with the work that you’re doing, things really should start to take off now, finally!”

Below is another email that I received from Dave following yet another complaint about the lack of improvement in ranking despite all his SEO on my website:

“….the fact that the rankings have not made significant improvements over the last few months is a little disappointing so I understand where you’re coming from.

The good thing is that all the links are permenant and will continue to build upon the new links we are creating to grow the link popularity and quality of Stone Mania, which in turn will improve rankings, traffic, and sales over the next few months.

Sometimes it can take some time for the search engines to make significant progress on rankings, we will be monitoring the movements closely this month as I anticipate things are set to skyrocket anytime now. If the results have not improved significantly this month we will provide additional links to give the site a boost in the search engines.”

After the continued lack of improvement with the keywords we had agreed and which I had used for many years, Dave suggested the following:

“To speed up the keyword process I would recommend that we start targeting some additional lucrative keywords.”

In response to yet another complaint about lack of improvement Dave replied:

“I can see the drop for “gemstone jewellery” which seems quite concerning, as well as a few other drops so I can definitely understand your concern.

I have again looked deeply into your website to find out the reasons why your site continues to do so poorly despite the high quality SEO and website content and aside from the site getting a very low load speed score, I believe it ultimately comes down to the sluggish code that your website is written in.

Have you ever thought about moving to a more modern CMS such as WordPress for this website?

I honestly think that in order to save your online business the last straw would be to convert your website to WordPress and have all onsite SEO configured to the highest quality. This will dramatically improve loading speed, the ease of the search engine bots to crawl the website, plus many more benefits.

Another idea is if we move your budget from the consistent monthly backlinks to a higher level of content concentration for just a month or two we should see some decent improvements which could potentially save your online business.”

Once I had advised him that I had resolved the problem regarding site speed he replied:

“Sounds good. I am sure this will definitely make a huge improvement.”

On the 2nd August I terminated my agreement with SEO Juice, they had been working on my site for 6 months:

Email from Dave in response to me advising him of this:

“Thanks for your email. Although it is disapointing, I definitely see your point of view in terminating the SEO plan due to the results just not picking up despite our efforts and extra work.

I wish you all the best in improving the traffic on this website and please let me know if you need anything else.”

We offered him a full refund of $2,000. He refused this demanding he wanted almost $3,000 due to money he had apparently spent in recovering his website from our work.

On the 26th September I made an official complaint to Dave and asked for my money back as per the guarantees he makes over and over again in his promo’s and comments on the Warrior Forum.   Below is my email:

“Hi Dave,

Let me be very clear about this, you agreed to take me on as a client in order to help improve rankings and traffic to my website. By agreeing to do that, we enter into a contract and you automatically by law, take responsibility for all work that you do on my behalf whether it’s done by you or a third party. Not only has the same content been copied many, many times into various forums, many other postings such as these (I included links from his monthly reports which featured low quality spammy links written in very poor English) cause nothing but damage to the reputation of my website. These are just four of many, many postings that were made in various forums which Google regards as spammy, low quality links hence the reputation of my site began to dwindle and traffic dropped significantly. You also state in one of your early emails to me and I quote:

“The good thing is that all the links are permenant and will continue to build upon the new links we are creating to grow the link popularity and quality of Stone Mania, which in turn will improve rankings, traffic, and sales over the next few months.”

This is not correct as many of the links placed in forums have either been removed by the forum moderator, or they are now broken (404’s) or the forums no longer exist so the links you built are most definitely not permanent which I’m actually very thankful for.

Despite raising my concerns very early with you and on a regular basis about how traffic was falling instead of increasing, you continuously advised me that things would start to pick up very shortly. In one email you even advised me:

“I have again looked deeply into your website to find out the reasons why your site continues to do so poorly despite the high quality SEO and website content and aside from the site getting a very low load speed score (57%, when it should be above 70%) I believe it ultimately comes down to the sluggish code that your website is written in. Have you ever thought about moving to a more modern CMS such as WordPress for this website? I honestly think that in order to save your online business the last straw would be to convert your website to WordPress and have all onsite SEO configured to the highest quality. This will dramatically improve loading speed, the ease of the search engine bots to crawl the website, plus many more benefits. Another idea is if we move your budget from the consistent monthly backlinks to a higher level of content concentration for just a month or two we should see some decent improvements which could potentially save your online business.”

Having spoken to someone who is VERY experienced in this field, he confirmed this was absolute rubbish and advised me not to transfer my site as there was is nothing wrong with the platform I am on.  Furthermore, even though the current package was having absolutely no effect at all, you also started to try to sell me an even higher premium package and despite the keywords that you were promoting were doing terribly, you advised me to concentrate on even more.

Month on month as I complained there was no improvement, time spent on site was down and bounce rate was up, you kept assuring me things were just about to “rocket”, your words not mine.

You state you fired the supplier because their standards slipped over time, firstly that’s not my problem, you are responsible for the work they did on my site and secondly, the links I have sent you are from the very first report you sent me so from day one, their links were already low quality and spammy. You claim you were told they were native English writers, well it’s very obvious from the very first comment that was placed in a forum by them that they were far from native English speakers and in fact the second comment that they placed, was the paragraph from my own website that was pasted again and again and again for the many months that I paid you to do SEO on my website. And are you honestly telling me that you employed a company to work on your behalf for your clients yet you didn’t inspect their work ONCE during the time they were doing work on MY site despite the fact that I repeatedly complained that the work was having no effect? If that’s really the case then you’re either stupid or just plain ignorant.

The following comment from Dave clearly and unequivocally shows what little understanding he really has of Google and SEO:

“Honestly, as some of the forum links may not be providing any benefit to your rankings, they would certainly not be hurting your rankings in any way.”

Not only does Google regard text that has been copied directly from a website and pasted into various forums as being spam, but it also disregards text that makes no sense and is written solely for the purpose of placing a link.

With regards to your next two comments:

“That is because any of your competitors could in theory create negative links and even post these in blackhat link farms or explicit websites in the effort to ruin your rankings. – This is known as negative SEO and the fact that anyone can do this to any website means that it does not carry much (if any) negative weight.”

This one is absolute rubbish as ALL of the links that you have given me in YOUR monthly reports confirm that links have been placed by your company and ALL have a high probability of causing damage to the reputation of my site.

“There are plenty of articles online in regards to negative SEO and whether it exists or not. The best course of action for you to take would be to simply disavow the low quality links and this will release any connection between Stonemania and these links.”

And in this one, despite creating hundreds of very harmful links to my website, you now advise me to disavow them through Google.

I have so far counted over 100 links in various forums which repeat the same paragraph of text from my website and despite my continuous complaints about the results of the work you were doing on my site, these harmful links continued to be used right up to the very last report you sent me in June 2013.

Finally, I will repeat again what I have already told you. Unless I receive the money back that I paid you for this shoddy and harmful work which resulted in my website being severely compromised by Google, I will continue with legal action against you.

I have been cheated many times over the years by various SEO companies but none have ever caused my website any damage. Most just fail to increase traffic due to the poor quality of their work. You on the other hand have blatantly caused extreme damage to my site and I have also lost a significant amount of income as a result of lost visitors/business over the last six months. You clearly state on your website that you ‘Guarantee’ certain results, this is far from the truth as I can prove undoubtedly through statistics from my Google analytics account.

I am not here to make threats or put the frighteners on you, I am being honest and intend to do everything within my power to recoup the money you have taken from me for services which have not been delivered. You will not put anyone else’s business at jeopardy like you have mine over the last six months.

In reply to the above email, Dave said the following:

“I would like to come to an agreement with you based on the points that you have raised.

Yes, we did start a guarantee on our service which was in effect to plans ordered through the Warrior Forum earlier this year, well after you signed up with us when we did not offer ranking guarantees. (I signed up with SEOJuice in Dec 2013, he has promo ads in the warrior forum offering a money back guarantee dated 19 May 2011 and 4th July 2012. I have screen shots of both as Dave is deleting some of these threads).

The guarantee includes a refund of the initial 3 months after a total of 6 months work. That said, I am willing to go back 6 months on your subscription and refund the total USD$ of the last 6 months of your subscription, which would total USD$2100.

In agreement of this, you will need to cease all lawful action taken against SEOJuice and myself, Dave Adamson. You must also not post any negative articles, reviews, or images online (or other) regarding the SEOJuice service and any actions related to my name or business.

I believe this is a fair trade due to the fact that our Terms and Conditions which you accepted when signing up to SEOJuice include the fact that we have no liability over links which we source from 3rd parties, ranking declines, etc. You can re-read the terms you accepted from Terms & Conditions.”

In response to this email I replied:

“Thanks for your offer but I’m still very confused. I have now gone through the posting in the warrior forum reading every single comment from start to finish. You posted your advertisement on the 19th May 2011 and in that you make it very clear when you say we will rank you or work for free. For the small biz pack which is what you signed me up to, you state, top 5 placement within 3 months. With regards to backlinks, you guarantee that a huge majority will get indexed and the ones that don’t will carry more weight. That wasn’t the case with my site because the back links were copied and pasted over and over again so Google saw them as spam. Many of the other comments were removed by forum moderators and several are now broken links. A huge majority of my backlinks therefore were NOT indexed and the ones that were definitely did not carry more weight. You also state very clearly in your Satisfaction Guarantee that if working with your company isn’t the best decision your customer has ever made, you’ll refund their cash and work for free. You then offer the packages which includes the small biz package.

You continue to answer questions about the original offer and are still doing so with the last posting only being a few days ago. On the 5th December you were asked whether you are still offering this service to which you replied on the same day, “Yes we are”. That was only four days before my first email to you. On the 20th June 2013 you confirm the following to someone’s question:

Yes, so it is a monthly fee (with 7-day trial period) and if we don’t achieve a top 5 ranking within 3 months (or minimum 30% overall improvement if you are already in the top 5) then we continue the work for free for the next 3 months.

If we don’t rank you in top 5 after the total 6 months we refund all money.

We have also never needed to provide this refund due to us always reaching this minimum goal.

The guarantee is for AT LEAST 1 keyword, but often we will achieve this with many of your keywords.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Kind Regards,


You have never said to ANYONE in the forum at ANY time that this is a limited time offer. People have been asking you questions over a long period of time and you have never said the offer has now expired OR that it is ONLY open to Warrior forum members.

In your email reply to me, you state:

“The guarantee includes a refund of the initial 3 months after a total of 6 months work.” Yet in the article above you state: “If we don’t rank you in top 5 after the total 6 months we refund all money”.

So I think your messages are very confusing Dave and I think you are misleading many people. Bearing in mind what I read in your initial advert on this forum on 19th May 2011 in which you clearly state you will work for free if your customers are not satisfied right up to you repeating the offer again just a few months ago, I would like ALL my money back please.

You make many guarantees to many people in the Warrior forum and I find it incredible what I’m reading considering the disastrous results you had with my website. Despite me complaining to you EVERY month about the poor results, you never once identified the cause which was the diabolical quality of the back links that were being built. Within the last two weeks of doing work with this new company, my rankings have already started to improve and they’ve climbed higher in two weeks than they did in six months with you.

I nearly lost my online business completely Dave after almost 10 years of working to make it succeed. I’m not going to take this lying down. I paid you to do a job and you made a complete hash of it and as a result, I have lost six months of online business at a time when the site was finally picking up and starting to make money.

By refunding $2100, it means I’ve still paid $528 for absolutely nothing at all and in my eyes, that is not refunding ALL money as you state. If you agree to refund the full amount, that will be the end of it and I’ll leave you to your own devices without writing any damaging articles or contributing to your forum post.

Thanks again Dave for your prompt replies to my complaint, that if nothing else is appreciated.”

The review by our Operations Manager was written over 2 years ago, well before she started working for us.

We initially ranked her affiliate website through our service and she left us a great review. Since then we have appointed her as operations manager.

With regards to the above, SEO Juice started business in January 2011. IF Ally DID write this review BEFORE she started working for your company, why is her review still part of your promo campaign featured on your OWN website and in many forum postings especially when she sends out customer’s monthly reports from her own email address?

Everything I have written in this posting will be added to the review of this company that I’ve already done on my own blog. A link to this can be found in my earlier posting slightly above. In my blog I have so much more evidence proving that this young man is very dishonest and certainly should not be trusted. There are a number of posts on there which detail the work that SEO Juice did on my website. After reading them and seeing the FACTS, you can decide for yourself. My evidence is from emails between Dave and myself and from postings that HE HIMSELF has uploaded as well as screenshots of links that were sent to me by SEO Juice in my monthly reports. Yet still Dave accuses me of not telling the truth.

Our SEOJuice service is much different to what was provided for rarrar and we are constantly adapting our procedures to ensure top quality in all of our work.


How come the service you provided is so different now? I signed up with you in December 2012 and terminated our agreement in June 2013? So much has changed since then? And why are you changing things as you have consistently denied that you even did anything wrong! You even initially denied that the spammy links I was bringing to your attention had been written by you until I sent the links to you which I’d received in your monthly report! Unfortunately for you Dave, I have copies of everything that took place between us which I am happy to send to anyone who is interested to see. Had you and I been living in the same country, I would have gone ahead with my law suit against you but the fact that we’re in different parts of the world, makes that extremely difficult even though I do fly to Sydney quite regularly as a result of also flying for an airline.


We all make mistakes in business at some point and it should be treated as a learning curve. If Dave did make an error outsourcing work to a company who let him down, he should just admit it and move on and I accept that. However by accusing me of not telling the truth in this thread, it just adds fuel to the fire and shows just how dishonest he really is. Sadly for him, everything I’ve written in this thread and on my own blog, I can back up with screen shots of actual emails between him and I and from the promos he leaves in various forums.

In response to the above, Dave Adamson deleted the post in which he accuses me of lying, he also renamed the thread ‘Please Delete’ which I assume was done to bring it to the attention of the forum moderators and he also possibly inadvertently posted the same comment but this was removed a short while later.

Please Remove

I subsequently posted the following:

My response


I absolutely do not agree with airing your dirty washing in public but having approached SEO Juice privately to ask for a refund on what I’d paid to be told firstly I wasn’t eligible and then to be offered only a part sum back, left me with no alternative but to warn others about this company so that nobody else would end up in the same position.

I remain open to talks with Dave Adamson of SEO Juice and if he wishes to put an end to this, he only needs to refund the full amount of money that I paid to him, as per the guarantees in all of his forum posts.  I am not asking for anything more but I’m certainly not willing to accept anything less.

Instead of trying to resolve the issues raised by me, Dave Adamson of SEO Juice has deleted all comments in the Warrior forum which highlight him as a liar and a cheat.


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