Warrior Forum Protects SEO Scammer

Although I have never been one to post in forums or contribute to threads, I do enjoy reading them and believe they’re a great way to gain knowledge and to see different people’s point of view.  As the owner of Stone Mania, an online business who deals in crystals, rocks and minerals, I have always been particularly interested in threads which relate to SEO. Search engine optimization is extremely important for any website to succeed and although there are plenty of legitimate companies out there ready to help you to achieve decent rankings the right way, there are also plenty of scammers of which SEO Juice owned by Dave Adamson is one.

I have a pretty good knowledge of SEO having been working with it for over fifteen years but I don’t always have as much time as I’d like to invest in my promoting my website. With Google continuously modifying its algorithm it’s important to stay on top of things and to do that, a significant amount of time needs to be invested in any online business.  Google is not stupid and there’s no short cuts to a page one ranking, if you want to be in that privileged position, you have to put the work in and slowly you’ll start to see the results.  It’s also vital that only ‘white hat’ SEO techniques are used and these are techniques which are recognized and approved by the search engines, ‘black hat’ techniques on the other hand go against all of their rules, policies and guidelines.  These prohibited and very aggressive strategies will undoubtedly result in your website tumbling like a rock before finally being banned and you can rest assured that before long, your online business will begin to fail.

Writing quality articles and building strong and relevant links to promote your website is part of what good white hat SEO involves but this can be extremely time consuming.  As a result many of us look towards SEO companies for help and this is where things can become more complicated.  Although there are many legitimate SEO companies out there, there are also many like SEO Juice who will all too readily use black hat techniques whilst telling you they’re doing exactly the opposite.  You would have thought that a well established forum such as the Warrior Forum, would certainly not want any such company using their space to attract unsuspecting customers, but in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth.

One of the oldest rules in SEO is avoid companies at all costs who make guarantees of page one ranking as Google is far to clever to allow anyone to get the upper hand by taking short cuts.  Every online business wants to be on page one of Google for its most relevant keywords so if a company could guarantee that, we’d all be using them!  Having said that, even those of us who are very well aware of this sometimes get caught out.

I first came across Dave Adamson of SEO Juice in his Warrior forum thread in which he made these very guarantees.


Originally posted 19th May 2011

Originally posted 19th May 2011


The advert which was first posted on 19th May 2011 made many promises and guarantees which immediately made me very wary so I didn’t use his company on this occasion and went elsewhere.  Sadly after a few months, I wasn’t satisfied with the company I had chosen so started looking once again and soon came across a second thread posted by Dave Adamson in the Warrior forum dated 4th July 2012.  The actual promotional part of the thread was exactly the same as the first one I’d seen and again repeatedly made guarantees that SEO Juice would achieve top five ranking for at least one of your keywords or your money back.


Guarantees from SEO Juice

Guarantees from SEO Juice

Despite being wary, I really wanted my business to improve in ranking so read both threads in full and Googled SEO Juice to see what else I could find out about the company.  Many questions had been posted on the thread in the Warrior Forum and Dave answered them all courteously and in a timely manner.


4July12 work for free


Finally I decided to give them a go thinking if nothing came of it, I could always move on and look elsewhere so I didn’t think I had anything to lose but little did I know!

Not being a member of the Warrior forum at the time and not wanting to join solely for the purpose of getting in touch with Dave Adamson at SEO Juice, I emailed him directly through his own website and after a friendly exchange of emails, I signed up to one of their plans.  After six months of being with them I saw absolutely NO improvement at all in ranking or traffic to my website despite them working on just six keywords all of which were not particularly competitive.  In fact traffic and ranking both fell dramatically month after month and despite contacting Dave regularly to voice my concerns, he used every excuse in the book from my website not being on a suitable platform, the site was written using ‘sluggish code’, website response speed was slow, my keywords were too broad etc, etc.

When I finally started talking about terminating my agreement with him he didn’t show any interest at all in continuing to work with me nor did he offer me any money back.  Having instructed another SEO company to take over from him, I quickly began to discover how much damage he had caused over the last six months to my online business.  He had been farming work out to India and they had been using all kinds of black hat SEO techniques including building spammy links back to my site and taking various snippets of text from my home page and pasting them randomly in hundreds of different forums.  They’d also been building one sentence links which made little or no sense at all and linked them back to my website using the agreed keywords.  All of this was the reason Stone Mania was plummeting down Google’s rankings yet each time I asked Dave why the site wasn’t doing well, he came up with another bare faced lie.

Armed with this new information I contacted Dave Adamson at SEO Juice and he absolutely denied everything and kept repeating that all work that had been done on my website was white hat SEO.  When I sent him the URL’s that he had sent me each month in my monthly report which clearly showed that hundreds and hundreds of spammy links had been built, he changed his tune and offered to refund part of my money although he claimed it was the full amount that I had paid.  He also asked that I not write any bad reviews on his company and the settlement would bring the matter to a close.  As I continued to push  for the full $2,628 that I had paid over six months, he became increasingly irate and asked that I stop harassing him.  Quickly realizing that this wasn’t going to get me anywhere, I signed up to the Warrior Forum and started posting on SEO Juice’s own threads giving my opinions of his services but these were all quickly deleted by forum moderators.

Original Review


Initially thinking my comments may have been deleted because they linked to my own blog  which is where I had written in greater detail about my experience with SEO Juice, I re submitted my comments without links but all were quickly deleted yet again.  Dave Adamson continued to accuse me of harassing him and even after I spoke to one of the moderators of the forum and offered to send him emails of the communication which took place between the two of us to confirm I was telling the truth, he still wasn’t interested and continued to allow SEO Juice to post in the forum and I was barred.  I also advised him that I had found two phony reviews written about SEO Juice by their own Operations Manager, Ally Church but he claimed they could have been written as she claimed, before she worked for the company.  No matter what I did to try and highlight that Dave Adamson was a liar and a cheat who is prepared to do whatever it takes to get business, from Warrior forum members, my complaint fell on deaf ears.

Personally I suspect that SEO Juice pays decent money to the Warrior forum in order to be able to post such adverts and as a result, they don’t wan’t to lose them as clients even if that is at the expense of people who use their forum.   It’s blatantly obvious that everything that Dave Adamson is doing to attract business, points towards him being an SEO scammer and the catastrophic results and subsequent penalty notice that I received from Google relating to SEO on my website, further confirm this.

If you still aren’t completely convinced that SEO Juice are a company to avoid, you can see all of the email communication that was exchanged between Dave Adamson and myself right here

There are several posts in my blog which go into great depth about what exactly took place during the seven month period that I used this company.  I would strongly recommend that if you are considering paying to have SEO carried out on your website, you read the emails very carefully and then decide whether SEO Juice run by Dave Adamson is a company you would trust with your online business.

The Communication: Dave Adamson of SEO Juice & Stone Mania

The Communication: Dave Adamson of SEO Juice & Stone Mania

Here I have published the email communication between Dave Adamson of SEO Juice and myself regarding the ongoing dispute over SEO that he did for Stone Mania on our website.

SEO Juice is a company who should be avoided at all costs if you value your online business.

Dave Adamson SEO Juice – Liar and a Cheat

Having written a review of Dave Adamson’s company SEO Juice in the Warrior forum in response to a posting in which he said

“We also work with many companies in th UK and have a lot of UK resources to utilise for high quality link building”

A concerned member asked if there was any truth in what I had written and asked if anyone else had experienced problems.

Original Review

Dave’s reply to this posting can be seen in the two screenshots below.  The reason I’ve used screenshots is because otherwise he may well accuse me of fabricating this information.

Response by D.Adamson


Instead of admitting that he had been caught out, Dave Adamson decided to tell whatever lies were necessary to protect the reputation of his company SEO Juice but sadly him, there was far too much incriminating evidence so he had no chance at all.  He had already started deleting threads in which I’d commented so it was really important that I took screenshots of absolutely everything.

My response to his post although extremely long, was accurate, thorough and backed up by evidence in black and white and was the only way for me to explain the full story of what had taken place.


OMG!!! How can someone tell such blatant lies? Dave, you really should be ashamed of yourself.  I have not been a member of the Warrior forum long enough to post links, however I have numerous screenshots on my blog of emails between us in which we discussed the link building which had been done by the company in India.  I also have ACTUAL links that were built by them. When I initially raised concerns about the snippet of text from my home page which had been copied and pasted into hundreds of links, he replied as follows:

“I am also not sure how the comment has been copy/pasted from your website as that is not the process we use.”

He went on to say in a subsequent email:

“Needless to say we have fired that supplier due to the quality standards of their service slipping over time. When we first started using them we were assured that they were using only native English writers, and the quality was more than acceptable, and at first they were above and beyond our expectations. Please be aware though, these suppliers were only handling the Forum and Profile links part of the service, all other links were either handled by ourselves manually, or other 3rd party sources here in Aus.”

With regards to organic traffic, when we first went to SEO Juice we were receiving around 50 hits per day and this had been steady for the last 18 months or so. Within a couple of months, this dropped to 10 to 15 hits per day and continued to drop during the remaining time we spent with SEO Juice.

We found several issues on rarrar’s website to which we advised him to change. Ie; speed up the website, perhaps move to a more modern WordPress CMS, add more content to his site, etc.

There was indeed an issue with speed on my website which was addressed when Dave brought this to my attention but it made absolutely NO difference at all to my rankings or traffic. The platform I use for my website is Joomla and I think there are enough websites around the world that use them without having to change to WordPress which I had been told by the person who does the techy stuff on my site is totally unsuitable for an eCommerce website of my size. With regards to content, I have over 700 pages of information on my website ALL of which has been written by me and each page includes strong keywords, plenty of interesting facts and talks in detail about the different crystals, rocks and minerals that I sell. Furthermore there are several hundred internal and external links throughout the website, NON SPAMMY ones plus over one thousand individual and unique items being offered for sale each of which has a carefully written description and appropriate meta tags.

Dave said I ignored his suggestions! See text below from email correspondence between Dave and myself:

Email sent 11June2013:

Hi Dave,

Just wondering if any progress is being made with the new campaign. The traffic on my website is continuing to fall and the unique visitor number is now at the lowest that it’s been all year and it’s also dramatically down on last year’s figure. Bounce rate is up and time spent on site remains relatively unchanged. Even though I’ve never really been satisfied with the SEO that I’ve had with previous companies, as you’ll see from the attached document, over the years there has been a gradual improvement in all analytics figures but since December, I’ve only seen the figures fall which seems extremely strange considering the amount of SEO that’s being put into the promoting my site by your company.

I really don’t know how much longer I can hold out waiting to see an improvement in traffic and business and would be interested to hear what sort of time frame you would expect to start seeing something positive come out of the work you are putting in. Next month will be seven months of SEO yet traffic is continuing to fall.

In an email to Dave dated 11June13 after he had already advised me that he would be writing some articles using new keywords as the existing ones obviously weren’t performing well to try and help my campaign, I said the following:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Glad to see the articles have been written, two of the three read pretty well, the second one on hub pages is saying it is no longer published?

I look forward to seeing what difference in traffic these make as I really need to get things moving urgently and start getting some decent traffic again and then hopefully business will then pick up again.

After Dave advised me that my site was running slowly and suggested I move it to WordPress, my tech guy did some digging and I sent the following in an email:

“So I have finally discovered the reason for my site running so slowly. Deep in the back end was a tool which automatically converted my images from JPEG to GIF and these type of files take up about 4 times as much space as JPEGS. Considering I have about 2500 images in total on my site, that’s no wonder it has been running slowly. This tool has now been removed and I have converted and uploaded about 1000 images as JPEGS so the site should already be running considerably faster. I have about 1500 still to do but will get this completed over the next week or so.  This really should dramatically improve the way my site is performing and along with the work that you’re doing, things really should start to take off now, finally!”

Below is another email that I received from Dave following yet another complaint about the lack of improvement in ranking despite all his SEO on my website:

“….the fact that the rankings have not made significant improvements over the last few months is a little disappointing so I understand where you’re coming from.

The good thing is that all the links are permenant and will continue to build upon the new links we are creating to grow the link popularity and quality of Stone Mania, which in turn will improve rankings, traffic, and sales over the next few months.

Sometimes it can take some time for the search engines to make significant progress on rankings, we will be monitoring the movements closely this month as I anticipate things are set to skyrocket anytime now. If the results have not improved significantly this month we will provide additional links to give the site a boost in the search engines.”

After the continued lack of improvement with the keywords we had agreed and which I had used for many years, Dave suggested the following:

“To speed up the keyword process I would recommend that we start targeting some additional lucrative keywords.”

In response to yet another complaint about lack of improvement Dave replied:

“I can see the drop for “gemstone jewellery” which seems quite concerning, as well as a few other drops so I can definitely understand your concern.

I have again looked deeply into your website to find out the reasons why your site continues to do so poorly despite the high quality SEO and website content and aside from the site getting a very low load speed score, I believe it ultimately comes down to the sluggish code that your website is written in.

Have you ever thought about moving to a more modern CMS such as WordPress for this website?

I honestly think that in order to save your online business the last straw would be to convert your website to WordPress and have all onsite SEO configured to the highest quality. This will dramatically improve loading speed, the ease of the search engine bots to crawl the website, plus many more benefits.

Another idea is if we move your budget from the consistent monthly backlinks to a higher level of content concentration for just a month or two we should see some decent improvements which could potentially save your online business.”

Once I had advised him that I had resolved the problem regarding site speed he replied:

“Sounds good. I am sure this will definitely make a huge improvement.”

On the 2nd August I terminated my agreement with SEO Juice, they had been working on my site for 6 months:

Email from Dave in response to me advising him of this:

“Thanks for your email. Although it is disapointing, I definitely see your point of view in terminating the SEO plan due to the results just not picking up despite our efforts and extra work.

I wish you all the best in improving the traffic on this website and please let me know if you need anything else.”

We offered him a full refund of $2,000. He refused this demanding he wanted almost $3,000 due to money he had apparently spent in recovering his website from our work.

On the 26th September I made an official complaint to Dave and asked for my money back as per the guarantees he makes over and over again in his promo’s and comments on the Warrior Forum.   Below is my email:

“Hi Dave,

Let me be very clear about this, you agreed to take me on as a client in order to help improve rankings and traffic to my website. By agreeing to do that, we enter into a contract and you automatically by law, take responsibility for all work that you do on my behalf whether it’s done by you or a third party. Not only has the same content been copied many, many times into various forums, many other postings such as these (I included links from his monthly reports which featured low quality spammy links written in very poor English) cause nothing but damage to the reputation of my website. These are just four of many, many postings that were made in various forums which Google regards as spammy, low quality links hence the reputation of my site began to dwindle and traffic dropped significantly. You also state in one of your early emails to me and I quote:

“The good thing is that all the links are permenant and will continue to build upon the new links we are creating to grow the link popularity and quality of Stone Mania, which in turn will improve rankings, traffic, and sales over the next few months.”

This is not correct as many of the links placed in forums have either been removed by the forum moderator, or they are now broken (404’s) or the forums no longer exist so the links you built are most definitely not permanent which I’m actually very thankful for.

Despite raising my concerns very early with you and on a regular basis about how traffic was falling instead of increasing, you continuously advised me that things would start to pick up very shortly. In one email you even advised me:

“I have again looked deeply into your website to find out the reasons why your site continues to do so poorly despite the high quality SEO and website content and aside from the site getting a very low load speed score (57%, when it should be above 70%) I believe it ultimately comes down to the sluggish code that your website is written in. Have you ever thought about moving to a more modern CMS such as WordPress for this website? I honestly think that in order to save your online business the last straw would be to convert your website to WordPress and have all onsite SEO configured to the highest quality. This will dramatically improve loading speed, the ease of the search engine bots to crawl the website, plus many more benefits. Another idea is if we move your budget from the consistent monthly backlinks to a higher level of content concentration for just a month or two we should see some decent improvements which could potentially save your online business.”

Having spoken to someone who is VERY experienced in this field, he confirmed this was absolute rubbish and advised me not to transfer my site as there was is nothing wrong with the platform I am on.  Furthermore, even though the current package was having absolutely no effect at all, you also started to try to sell me an even higher premium package and despite the keywords that you were promoting were doing terribly, you advised me to concentrate on even more.

Month on month as I complained there was no improvement, time spent on site was down and bounce rate was up, you kept assuring me things were just about to “rocket”, your words not mine.

You state you fired the supplier because their standards slipped over time, firstly that’s not my problem, you are responsible for the work they did on my site and secondly, the links I have sent you are from the very first report you sent me so from day one, their links were already low quality and spammy. You claim you were told they were native English writers, well it’s very obvious from the very first comment that was placed in a forum by them that they were far from native English speakers and in fact the second comment that they placed, was the paragraph from my own website that was pasted again and again and again for the many months that I paid you to do SEO on my website. And are you honestly telling me that you employed a company to work on your behalf for your clients yet you didn’t inspect their work ONCE during the time they were doing work on MY site despite the fact that I repeatedly complained that the work was having no effect? If that’s really the case then you’re either stupid or just plain ignorant.

The following comment from Dave clearly and unequivocally shows what little understanding he really has of Google and SEO:

“Honestly, as some of the forum links may not be providing any benefit to your rankings, they would certainly not be hurting your rankings in any way.”

Not only does Google regard text that has been copied directly from a website and pasted into various forums as being spam, but it also disregards text that makes no sense and is written solely for the purpose of placing a link.

With regards to your next two comments:

“That is because any of your competitors could in theory create negative links and even post these in blackhat link farms or explicit websites in the effort to ruin your rankings. – This is known as negative SEO and the fact that anyone can do this to any website means that it does not carry much (if any) negative weight.”

This one is absolute rubbish as ALL of the links that you have given me in YOUR monthly reports confirm that links have been placed by your company and ALL have a high probability of causing damage to the reputation of my site.

“There are plenty of articles online in regards to negative SEO and whether it exists or not. The best course of action for you to take would be to simply disavow the low quality links and this will release any connection between Stonemania and these links.”

And in this one, despite creating hundreds of very harmful links to my website, you now advise me to disavow them through Google.

I have so far counted over 100 links in various forums which repeat the same paragraph of text from my website and despite my continuous complaints about the results of the work you were doing on my site, these harmful links continued to be used right up to the very last report you sent me in June 2013.

Finally, I will repeat again what I have already told you. Unless I receive the money back that I paid you for this shoddy and harmful work which resulted in my website being severely compromised by Google, I will continue with legal action against you.

I have been cheated many times over the years by various SEO companies but none have ever caused my website any damage. Most just fail to increase traffic due to the poor quality of their work. You on the other hand have blatantly caused extreme damage to my site and I have also lost a significant amount of income as a result of lost visitors/business over the last six months. You clearly state on your website that you ‘Guarantee’ certain results, this is far from the truth as I can prove undoubtedly through statistics from my Google analytics account.

I am not here to make threats or put the frighteners on you, I am being honest and intend to do everything within my power to recoup the money you have taken from me for services which have not been delivered. You will not put anyone else’s business at jeopardy like you have mine over the last six months.

In reply to the above email, Dave said the following:

“I would like to come to an agreement with you based on the points that you have raised.

Yes, we did start a guarantee on our service which was in effect to plans ordered through the Warrior Forum earlier this year, well after you signed up with us when we did not offer ranking guarantees. (I signed up with SEOJuice in Dec 2013, he has promo ads in the warrior forum offering a money back guarantee dated 19 May 2011 and 4th July 2012. I have screen shots of both as Dave is deleting some of these threads).

The guarantee includes a refund of the initial 3 months after a total of 6 months work. That said, I am willing to go back 6 months on your subscription and refund the total USD$ of the last 6 months of your subscription, which would total USD$2100.

In agreement of this, you will need to cease all lawful action taken against SEOJuice and myself, Dave Adamson. You must also not post any negative articles, reviews, or images online (or other) regarding the SEOJuice service and any actions related to my name or business.

I believe this is a fair trade due to the fact that our Terms and Conditions which you accepted when signing up to SEOJuice include the fact that we have no liability over links which we source from 3rd parties, ranking declines, etc. You can re-read the terms you accepted from Terms & Conditions.”

In response to this email I replied:

“Thanks for your offer but I’m still very confused. I have now gone through the posting in the warrior forum reading every single comment from start to finish. You posted your advertisement on the 19th May 2011 and in that you make it very clear when you say we will rank you or work for free. For the small biz pack which is what you signed me up to, you state, top 5 placement within 3 months. With regards to backlinks, you guarantee that a huge majority will get indexed and the ones that don’t will carry more weight. That wasn’t the case with my site because the back links were copied and pasted over and over again so Google saw them as spam. Many of the other comments were removed by forum moderators and several are now broken links. A huge majority of my backlinks therefore were NOT indexed and the ones that were definitely did not carry more weight. You also state very clearly in your Satisfaction Guarantee that if working with your company isn’t the best decision your customer has ever made, you’ll refund their cash and work for free. You then offer the packages which includes the small biz package.

You continue to answer questions about the original offer and are still doing so with the last posting only being a few days ago. On the 5th December you were asked whether you are still offering this service to which you replied on the same day, “Yes we are”. That was only four days before my first email to you. On the 20th June 2013 you confirm the following to someone’s question:

Yes, so it is a monthly fee (with 7-day trial period) and if we don’t achieve a top 5 ranking within 3 months (or minimum 30% overall improvement if you are already in the top 5) then we continue the work for free for the next 3 months.

If we don’t rank you in top 5 after the total 6 months we refund all money.

We have also never needed to provide this refund due to us always reaching this minimum goal.

The guarantee is for AT LEAST 1 keyword, but often we will achieve this with many of your keywords.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Kind Regards,


You have never said to ANYONE in the forum at ANY time that this is a limited time offer. People have been asking you questions over a long period of time and you have never said the offer has now expired OR that it is ONLY open to Warrior forum members.

In your email reply to me, you state:

“The guarantee includes a refund of the initial 3 months after a total of 6 months work.” Yet in the article above you state: “If we don’t rank you in top 5 after the total 6 months we refund all money”.

So I think your messages are very confusing Dave and I think you are misleading many people. Bearing in mind what I read in your initial advert on this forum on 19th May 2011 in which you clearly state you will work for free if your customers are not satisfied right up to you repeating the offer again just a few months ago, I would like ALL my money back please.

You make many guarantees to many people in the Warrior forum and I find it incredible what I’m reading considering the disastrous results you had with my website. Despite me complaining to you EVERY month about the poor results, you never once identified the cause which was the diabolical quality of the back links that were being built. Within the last two weeks of doing work with this new company, my rankings have already started to improve and they’ve climbed higher in two weeks than they did in six months with you.

I nearly lost my online business completely Dave after almost 10 years of working to make it succeed. I’m not going to take this lying down. I paid you to do a job and you made a complete hash of it and as a result, I have lost six months of online business at a time when the site was finally picking up and starting to make money.

By refunding $2100, it means I’ve still paid $528 for absolutely nothing at all and in my eyes, that is not refunding ALL money as you state. If you agree to refund the full amount, that will be the end of it and I’ll leave you to your own devices without writing any damaging articles or contributing to your forum post.

Thanks again Dave for your prompt replies to my complaint, that if nothing else is appreciated.”

The review by our Operations Manager was written over 2 years ago, well before she started working for us.

We initially ranked her affiliate website through our service and she left us a great review. Since then we have appointed her as operations manager.

With regards to the above, SEO Juice started business in January 2011. IF Ally DID write this review BEFORE she started working for your company, why is her review still part of your promo campaign featured on your OWN website and in many forum postings especially when she sends out customer’s monthly reports from her own email address?

Everything I have written in this posting will be added to the review of this company that I’ve already done on my own blog. A link to this can be found in my earlier posting slightly above. In my blog I have so much more evidence proving that this young man is very dishonest and certainly should not be trusted. There are a number of posts on there which detail the work that SEO Juice did on my website. After reading them and seeing the FACTS, you can decide for yourself. My evidence is from emails between Dave and myself and from postings that HE HIMSELF has uploaded as well as screenshots of links that were sent to me by SEO Juice in my monthly reports. Yet still Dave accuses me of not telling the truth.

Our SEOJuice service is much different to what was provided for rarrar and we are constantly adapting our procedures to ensure top quality in all of our work.


How come the service you provided is so different now? I signed up with you in December 2012 and terminated our agreement in June 2013? So much has changed since then? And why are you changing things as you have consistently denied that you even did anything wrong! You even initially denied that the spammy links I was bringing to your attention had been written by you until I sent the links to you which I’d received in your monthly report! Unfortunately for you Dave, I have copies of everything that took place between us which I am happy to send to anyone who is interested to see. Had you and I been living in the same country, I would have gone ahead with my law suit against you but the fact that we’re in different parts of the world, makes that extremely difficult even though I do fly to Sydney quite regularly as a result of also flying for an airline.


We all make mistakes in business at some point and it should be treated as a learning curve. If Dave did make an error outsourcing work to a company who let him down, he should just admit it and move on and I accept that. However by accusing me of not telling the truth in this thread, it just adds fuel to the fire and shows just how dishonest he really is. Sadly for him, everything I’ve written in this thread and on my own blog, I can back up with screen shots of actual emails between him and I and from the promos he leaves in various forums.

In response to the above, Dave Adamson deleted the post in which he accuses me of lying, he also renamed the thread ‘Please Delete’ which I assume was done to bring it to the attention of the forum moderators and he also possibly inadvertently posted the same comment but this was removed a short while later.

Please Remove

I subsequently posted the following:

My response


I absolutely do not agree with airing your dirty washing in public but having approached SEO Juice privately to ask for a refund on what I’d paid to be told firstly I wasn’t eligible and then to be offered only a part sum back, left me with no alternative but to warn others about this company so that nobody else would end up in the same position.

I remain open to talks with Dave Adamson of SEO Juice and if he wishes to put an end to this, he only needs to refund the full amount of money that I paid to him, as per the guarantees in all of his forum posts.  I am not asking for anything more but I’m certainly not willing to accept anything less.

Instead of trying to resolve the issues raised by me, Dave Adamson of SEO Juice has deleted all comments in the Warrior forum which highlight him as a liar and a cheat.

Dave Adamson of SEO Juice – SEO Scammer

Less than 24 hours after posting my comments on one of Dave Adamson’s phony promo threads in the Warrior Forum, he deleted the entire thread.  In this one he even claimed that his company SEO Juice had been voted the forum’s best SEO service.  Once again he made statements and guarantees that are absolute lies.  The thread had been running for some considerable time and had received many enquiries.

As I suspected he may delete the thread, I took a screen shot of what I wrote

After posting this, Dave Adamson deleted the entire thread

After posting this, Dave Adamson deleted the entire thread

Understandably frauds never like to be put in the limelight and certainly don’t want others to be fore warned about how much damage they’ve caused in the past to previous customers.  They will therefore do whatever is necessary to try and erase this kind of publicity.  I completely understand why he deleted the thread, after all I have written in great detail about what he did that caused so much damage to my website and online business and have also highlighted the fake reviews that members of his own company were writing and posting online.

Stone Mania is a relatively small company which sells crystals, rocks and minerals online and during the ten years we have been in business, we have worked tirelessly to build a company which is well respected and offers outstanding service to its customers.  We have never once received a complaint about the way we do business or the quality of our products. We’re passionate about what we do and the last thing we needed is to see our online presence dwindle because of an idiot who’s main concern is to scam people for money whilst delivering black hat SEO techniques in return.

I initially contacted SEO Juice in good faith in the hope that they would be able to help increase traffic to our website and raise our Google ranking.  Little did I know at the time, but from his very first email, Dave Adamson started telling lies.  In response to my first communication he replied:

‘I am sure we can help you when the time comes that you need to switch to an English speaking and writing firm.  The main thing that troubles me with non-English SEO firms is that SEO requires a lot of content generation, it is not enough to simply put links out there, these links need to be backed by and often incorporating topic related content. If results are achieved without doing this properly it just isn’t a good foundation for your SEO because when the search algorithms catch on to the websites with poor grammar and little traffic the links are diluted and thus your rankings could slip.

SEO Juice then went on to farm out work on my website to an Indian company who’s English was very basic to say the least.  They in turn built hundreds of low quality, spammy links back to my website using the keywords we had agreed.  They also copied and pasted hundreds of times across the internet, a snippet of text from my own home page.

Shortly after terminating my agreement with SEO Juice and subsequently having found out what they’d done during the time they were working for me, I contacted Dave Adamson to ask for a refund of my money as per his guarantees.  He initially told me I wasn’t eligible for a refund as I had come to him directly through his website and the offer was only applicable for customers who came to him through the Warrior Forum.  In fact I had seen his various promotional threads many times before I finally decided to contact him and when I did, I chose to contact him directly through his own website.  This was my preference as although I often read comments in forums, I rarely post in them hence sign up to very few.  He then agreed to offer me a partial refund which I declined as he clearly states over and over again that if top five placements are not achieved for at least one of the agreed keywords, they’ll offer a full refund.

we refund all money

More refund guarantees

Guarantees made in promo in Warror Forum n/a to customers to come directly to SEO Juice's website

Guarantees made in promo in Warror Forum but they’re not applicable to customers who come directly to SEO Juice’s website


In response to the above email, when I signed up with SEO Juice, I was NOT asked at any time to accept any T&C’s.  After an initial exchange of emails, I clicked on the Small Biz Package link on their website which took me directly to PayPal where I made my first month’s payment.  At NO time was I asked to accept T&C’s nor at the time did they state on their website that by signing up with them, you automatically agree to accept their T&C’s.  Had I read them and seen that they farm some of their work out, I would have asked more questions.  Having said that, I do not have a problem with them farming work out providing it’s done legitimately and in accordance with the guarantees they make in their promotional ads.  Using companies who clearly do not have a good understanding of English and who use blackhat SEO techniques is far from acceptable!

SEO Juice’s promo ads in the Warrior Forum in which they offer a host of guarantees which are all lies have been posted on 19 May 2011, 4 July 2012, 30 August 2013 (and there’s probably many more that I have yet to find) yet he states in his email that on his website at the time I signed up (December 2012), there were no ranking guarantees in place.

Reply by Dave Adamson in forum posting

Mmmm, interesting, I signed up to the Small Biz Pack and Dave confirmed this package to me in an email.

Screenshot from SEO Juice's website at the time I signed up

Screenshot from SEO Juice’s website at the time I signed up

Years of experience

Years of experience, really?  In a forum posting dated 7 April 2012, he clearly states:

Almost two years in the business!

Almost two years in the business!

Yet in another forum posting dated 19 May 2011 he states:

In business for almost 5 years

In business for almost 5 years

The truth is that SEO Juice began life in January 2011 and Dave Adamson is the founder and principal consultant.

I hope I’m building up a pretty clear picture of what it’s like to do business with this company and my account is based purely on facts which cannot be disputed. Dave Adamson is a young man who may well be extremely enthusiastic and who I’m sure has an appetite to succeed, however if he believes he can deceive people and trample on them along the way, he’d better step back and think again.

In the email below, Dave Adamson put me right about the guarantees they offer and assured me they were NOT in place when I signed up with them yet I have screenshots of his promo threads which DO offer a money back guarantee which were posted on 19 May 2011 and 4 July 2012.  Neither of these dates are “well after” the time I signed up with SEO Juice in December 2012.  He also offered me a refund for the six months of work they had done on my gemstone jewellery website but strangely, the amount offered was significantly less than what I had originally paid which I have double checked many times in my PayPal account.

The amount offered was well short of what I had originally paid to SEO Juice

The amount offered was well short of what I had originally paid to SEO Juice

This morning I received an email from SEO Juice’s ‘HR’ department (how hysterical!) which advised me of the following:

email received from SEO Juice

email received from SEO Juice

This email really made me laugh, this young man is an absolute joke and it’s time he grew up and learnt how to do business properly.  SEO Juice is a small company which consists primarily of Dave Adamson, he works from home and Ally Church who works with him either part of, or all of the time.  This is the same ‘Ally’ who was banned from the Warrior Forum for writing a testimonial on the company which she worked for.  Even so, part of that same testimonial still appears in the promo that they use in various forums AND on their own SEO Juice website.

I wonder what room in the house the ‘HR’ department is in?  It even has its own email address!   I am very aware following extensive research that I am not in breach of ANY copyright laws and I would strongly recommend that SEO Juice’s ‘HR department’ familiarize themselves with ‘Fair Use’ laws with regards to copyright before sending out such emails.

Ally Church is Operations Mgr at SEO Juice. This testimonial is a screen shot from SEO Juice . net

And you don’t need to look very far to find even more proof from their website that this company is out to defraud their customers.  The next screen shot is also from SEO Juice.net and it states that the testimonials are real and come from real clients.  The company also GUARANTEES their work and offer continuous improvement guarantees.

All testimonials are from genuine customers, apart from Ally's of course!

Real testimonials from real clients, apart from Ally’s of course!

work guaranteed

And monthly reports sent to you by Ally Church


For those who may read my blog and think I should forget it and move on, let me just say that Stone Mania’s online business was steadily built up over a ten year period.  A massive amount of white hat SEO work went into building and promoting the website and we had a very good online presence.  We always followed Google’s acceptable methods of SEO and although we were doing well, we didn’t have the time to continue doing SEO ourselves hence contacted SEO Juice so they could take over.  Not only has our online business suffered immeasurable damage financially at the hands of Dave Adamson over the last twelve months, but we now have to start over again from scratch with our website.  We are not currently in the top 100 pages of Google for any of our most important keywords.

I would hate for any other online business to suffer in the way that Stone Mania has because of a cowboy SEO company such as SEO Juice and there is a very good chance that this will happen whilst he continues to post in various forums.

scoop intro


The full ad includes a testimonial from 'Ally' possibly the same Ally who is Operations Manager at SEO Juice

The full ad includes a testimonial from ‘Ally’ singing the praises of SEO Juice but this is the same Ally who is Operations Manager at the company and who sends out the monthly reports to the poor unsuspecting customers who sign up with this cowboy company.




Ethical SEO and a Company to Avoid

Stone Mania is a UK based company who sells crystals, rocks, minerals and ladies gemstone pendants online.  Our business is extremely competitive especially the jewellery side because there are thousands of websites which sell jewellery so to be successful, it’s important to have a presence on page one of Google for the search terms which are most relevant to the type of jewellery that you sell.  The best way to achieve this is to use specific keywords in well written articles and include quality backlinks to your website.

When we search Google using keywords, it scours millions of pages looking for the most relevant results so if for example you’re looking for a gemstone pendant and use these words in your search, Google will return pages or websites that it feels are of the highest quality and these will appear towards the top of page one.  A quality website is one which contains strong, relevant and well written information, one that has links pointing to it from other quality websites, it should be well built, operate efficiently and most importantly be designed using ‘white hat’ SEO techniques.  SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of promoting a website for the purpose of increasing search engine ranking and this must be done in an ethical way and with the additional aim of improving the overall quality of the website and experience for those who visit it or in other words, using ‘white hat’ techniques.  Trying to cheat your way to the top by doing things in an underhanded manner in order to attract the attention of search engines solely for the purpose of increasing ranking, is not acceptable and these practices are known as ‘black hat’ techniques.

When a website is identified as using black hat SEO, it will be penalized and possibly even banned completely.  Black hat SEO is an absolute no go area for any online business who wants to do well in search engine rankings.  Putting together a few random words to form a sentence and then pasting it over and over again in hundreds of different forums all over the internet and linking it through a specific keyword back to the website that you’re trying to promote is a perfect example and it’s sure to get the website penalized or banned completely.  Genuine articles on the other hand which are well written, interesting and feature a few relevant keywords and that include a well placed backlink will attract the search engines attention in a positive way and you’ll be rewarded with an increased volume of traffic being driven to your website.

Whilst there are many companies out there which offer a great service to help you to achieve excellent search engine ranking, SEO Juice owned by Dave Adamson is certainly not one of them.  Looking for a company to work with can be an absolute minefield and when you search for SEO in Google, it’s difficult to know which companies are genuinely going to be able to help and which ones are just looking to cheat you whilst taking your money.  Sadly I was taken in by SEO Juice and Dave Adamson’s friendly approach but the damage that he caused to my online business in just six months, was quite shocking.  Whilst you may think that if you don’t see the results that you’re expecting within a few months you’ll just move on, things are not always quite as simple as that.  If you don’t see any improvement after three months, you should absolutely start looking elsewhere but by that time the company you’re working with may well have caused your website a great deal of damage by using ‘black hat’ SEO techniques and that’s exactly what SEO Juice was doing with Stone Mania.


A screenshot of the promo posted in the Warrior Forum by SEO Juice

Stone Mania has been selling crystals, rocks, minerals and ladies gemstone pendants online since 2002 and we’ve always done most of our SEO ourselves and so have a pretty good understanding of how things work.  We have always followed Google’s guidelines with respect to white hat SEO and in return, our website has done pretty well in search engine rankings.  We have used a few SEO companies to help us along the way but had not used anyone for a few years so wanted to find a company who could once again give our website a boost. Whilst reading a thread in the Warrior Forum, a company called SEO Juice owned and run by Dave Adamson in Sydney, Australia caught our eye and although we were initially very wary because of their claims of “guaranteed page one ranking”, after reading the many positive comments posted in the thread we decided to give them a go.  Despite speaking to Dave every few weeks to complain that we were not seeing any results from his work, nothing changed and after six months our Google ranking and the volume of traffic to our website had plummeted.

Having terminated our contract with SEO Juice and instructed another company, we began to see why our website had been doing so badly and it was all down to the black hat SEO techniques that they had been using.  He had farmed the work on the Stone Mania website out to India and because of the low quality spammy links that were being built, we had been penalized by the search engines.  When we started with SEO Juice, our main keywords were all within the first ten pages of Google but after six months, five out of six were outside of the top one hundred and the sixth was on page eighty!

An example of black hat SEO techniques can be seen in the image below.  The keyword jewellery online is one of our keywords and it links back to our website.  These kind of links were posted by the hundreds in every type of forum imaginable right across the internet.  Having been picked up by Google, stonemania.co.uk fell like a brick through the rankings.  All of our credibility online had been lost and everything that we had worked for in relation to SEO over the last ten years had been erased in just six months.

One of many links created by SEO juice. URL was sent to us in our monthly report

One of many links created by SEO juice.  This URL was sent to us in our monthly report


Since terminating our agreement with this SEO Juice, we haven’t received a penny back from them, they never worked for free for us and certainly never offered to keep working with us until we received our desired results.  In fact in the last email I received from Dave Adamson, he sympathized with the disappointing results and wished me all the best for the future.

Phony Guarantees from the promo of SEO Juice posted in the Warrior Forum

Phony Guarantees from the promo of SEO Juice posted in the Warrior Forum

What is even more frustrating is that I submitted a number of replies in the Warrior Forum to Dave Adamson’s various threads detailing my experience with his company so that others wouldn’t fall victim in the same way I had but my comments were continuously deleted by the moderators as they were seen to be inappropriate.  In fact SEO Juice has continued to post their promotional ads in various forums and when I comment on the threads, they are almost always deleted by the moderator.  So audacious is SEO Juice that their so called “Operations Manager” Ally Church wrote a sparkling review of the company that she was employed by and not only did she post it as a ‘customer’ in the Warrior Forum but Dave Adamson even featured it in his promotion.

Review written by Ally Church, Operations Manager at SEO Juice

Review written by Ally Church, Operations Manager at SEO Juice

One of my monthly reports from SEO Juice

One of my monthly reports from SEO Juice sent to me by Ally Church | Operations Manager


With regards to the review which was written by Ally, Dave Adamson states:

RE: Review written by Ally Church

As you’ll see from the screenshot above, the ‘review’ was posted on the the Warrior Forum on 24th January 2011 and in it Ally states that she signed up with SEO Juice in November so that must have been November 2010 yet Dave’s company SEO Juice was only formed in January 2011.  This is just one of many lies that Dave Adamson tells in order to save his skin.

So in the months since parting company with SEO Juice, we have spent a great deal of time and money removing the hundreds of damaging links that they built in order to rebuild the reputation of our website.

Trading online is already competitive enough without being knocked back by a cowboy company such as SEO Juice.  I only hope that anyone who is considering using Dave Adamson’s company who I can only describe as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, finds our reviews of their services first.

A screensot from SEOJuice.net

Rip Off Companies Online

In this article regarding the Australian based company called SEO Juice run by Dave Adamson who I used to promote my website Stone Mania, I am going to expose the lies which they make in their advert which can be seen on their own thread in the Warrior forum.  Sadly there are many companies like them who promote themselves through the internet and it’s frightening to think that no matter how careful you are, you can still fall victim to cowboys like these.

SEO Juice (seo juice . net) regularly posts in the Warrior Forum promoting their SEO services and it had often caught my attention.  Although initially very wary of the guarantees they make, I decided after speaking with Dave Adamson through his own website to give them a go.  The time that I spent with them as a customer resulted in my website losing all credibility in the eyes of Google and other search engines and they almost lost me my online business completely.  Having spent over ten years building Stone Mania’s website into a trustworthy, secure and reputable online business which sells crystals, rocks, minerals and ladies gemstone pendants, it was brought completely to its knees by this company in just six months.

The original posting in the thread that lead me to use SEO Juice has been updated in recent weeks although Dave does not state this and the only giveaway is that the Google updates that he mentions had not even been released at that time the article was originally posted.  However the basic promises and guarantees that Dave Adamson of SEO Juice makes, remain exactly the same but be warned, these are false and should not be believed.  I have used excerpts from his emails to me in response to my complaint about his work to prove this.

The updated posting can be seen by pasting this link into your browser:  http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/383681-seojuice-ranking-through-panda-penguin-hummingbird-jump-now-free-trial.html



The Original Posting

Screenshot of the original posting

Above is a screenshot of the original post which has since been used again in a different forum.  In the screenshots below you’ll also see other parts of the original posting from the Warrior forum. Although this has now changed, the original thread remains very active.



14 15 16 10 13

One of the first points in the updated post on the Warrior forum, it is stated that all content is written by native English writers which is not true.  Whilst promoting my company for six months, well over two hundred comments were posted in various discussion forums which linked back to my website using the keywords that had been agreed.  None of these were quality links nor were they written by people who could string a sentence together in English.

Original posting recently updated

Original posting recently updated


 Below are just three examples the links using my keywords which were sent to me by Dave Adamson in my monthly report.  Sadly I never checked each and every link that was built for me at the time.

5 4 3 Forum Posting 1

These are the so called high quality links that are promised by SEO Juice, in fact they’re nothing more than low quality, rubbish, black hat spammy links, a perfect recipe to get you penalized by Google which is exactly what happened to my website.  The other thing that SEO Juice did was to copy a snippet of text from the home page of the Stone Mania website and paste it hundreds and hundreds of times into more discussion forums.  Once again all the links to these threads were sent to me in my monthly report but I never went through each one to check it.

Excerpt from Stone Mania homepage

This caused furhter problems as Google hates duplicate content and has issued updates to tackle it hence traffic to my site quickly started to fall.  Despite complaining to Dave Adamson regularly about the fall in traffic and business, he assured me he was doing everything that could be done to promote my website and stated on many occasions that he could find no reason for the drop in traffic.  The comments from his emails can be seen in my previous post.

So back to the promotional post in the Warrior Forum.  Below is another screen shot of what they promise but the this is yet another lie.  After six months of working with SEO Juice and my website almost falling out of the top 100 of Google listings for all of my keywords, Dave Adamson admitted defeat and his response to my email can also be seen below.

Guarantees from SEO Juice

Guarantees from SEO Juice

Response from Dave Adamson

Response from Dave Adamson

I certainly wasn’t offered any refund on the $2000 that I had paid for their services and in fact when I queried this was told that I wasn’t eligible as I hadn’t signed up through the Warrior Forum.  In fact, what I had done is click on the link in the forum posting which took me directly to his website and from there, I emailed Dave directly to set up the original agreement.  I have never received one single penny back for the work they did on my website.  

What he did point out to me in one of his replies was his Terms & Conditions and in that they state:


Interestingly since updating his promotional ad in this thread, his prices have increased as have the reduced prices that he is offering and the packages themselves have also changed.  He continues to offer guarantees of page one ranking!  Furthermore in the customer reviews lower down the page, the one submitted by Ally Church who is the Operations Manager at SEO Juice has now been removed.  Her review can be seen in my  previous post.

In Dave’s most recent response to an enquiry, he once again confirms that his company can achieve wonderful things.  My experience with him was catastrophic for my online business and Google rankings and I would warn anyone looking for an SEO company to avoid SEO Juice at ALL costs.

I’m very pleased to say that Stone Mania is in a much better position once again on Google and myself and the team can now get back to doing what we love most, which is selling beautiful crystals, rocks and minerals!


I posted a comment in response to the above

SEO Juice Australia

Continuing from my previous article about the damage that a search engine optimization company can cause to your online business, in this posting I’ll demonstrate how SEO Juice based in West Sydney Australia did just that and brought my online gemstone jewellery business to its knees.  I hope anyone out there who’s looking to promote their website so that its ranking in Google improves, reads this article carefully and doesn’t get stung in the way that I was despite being extremely knowledgeable in this field.

I initially came across SEO Juice (seo juice . net) in September 2012 whilst reading a forum in the hope of finding a company who could promote the visibility of my website online.  Ranking well in Google is vital if you want to become successful as an online trader and it’s something that I’ve worked extremely hard for during the ten years that I’ve had my gemstone jewellery business Stone Mania.  Although I’m definitely no expert even after all this time, I do have a pretty good knowledge about what it entails.  I’ve also used several SEO companies over the last few years and am well aware that not all can be trusted with achieving good results so you need to be very careful who you choose.  Having read their extremely long posting in which they made all sorts of promises and guarantees, I initially decided not to use them as companies like this should always be treated with caution as nobody really knows exactly what it is that Google looks for in order to achieve top place ranking hence such guarantees are extremely difficult to fulfill and even more so for the relatively low fee that this company was asking.

Screen Shot from SEO Juice's website

Screenshot of one of the rotating banners at SEO Juice . net

Having found an alternative company, I quickly became concerned over some of their work because although they were achieving pretty good results, they were not native English speakers hence some of the articles they were posting online to promote Stone Mania were written in poor English and I felt this may go against me so ceased using them and started looking around once again.  By chance, SEO Juice were then recommended to me by a reputable source and this time I decided to give them go but sadly, that would be a decision I would live to regret.  Having contacted them through their website seojuice . net, I soon received a reply from Dave Adamson, the owner and operator of the company.  Having advised him of the reason for me leaving the previous company, he replied and I quote from his email:

I am sure we can help you when the time comes that you need to switch to an English speaking and writing firm.  The main thing that troubles me with non-English SEO firms is that SEO requires a lot of content generation, it is not enough to simply put links out there, these links need to be backed by and often incorporating topic related content. If results are achieved without doing this properly it just isn’t a good foundation for your SEO because when the search algorithms catch on to the websites with poor grammar and little traffic the links are diluted and thus your rankings could slip.

He agreed the Small Biz package at $350 (US dollars) per month would be the best choice and I subsequently signed up.  Little did I know at the time that had I signed up through the link on the Warrior forum, it would have been significantly cheaper.

Screenshot taken from Warrior Forum ad'

Screenshot taken from Warrior Forum ad’

After almost three months I started to become concerned when I did not see any significant improvements in my ranking despite this usually being the time frame that improvements start to become noticeable.  Once again I emailed Dave and received the following reply:

Regarding the 3 month projection, that is a globally recognised time frame to judge how an SEO campaign is progressing.  Traffic and rankings typically start improving from the 2nd month onwards but in some cases this will vary depending on a number of factors out of our control.  From what I can see so far in your rankings some keywords have moved up and some down, so we are yet to see a strong and consistent rise in your rankings.  As I can see that our links are now being picked up by the search engines and indexed I would anticipate that you will start to see some strong improvements over the next couple of weeks at the most.

Satisfied with his reply, I sat back and waited in anticipation for the following month’s report but when it arrived, I was once again shocked to see that out of the six keywords that were being promoted, one had climbed very slightly and the other four had fallen yet again.  Upon sending another email expressing my disappointment, he replied with the following:

That is a good sign that traffic flow has steadied out a little, however the fact that the rankings have not made significant improvements over the last few months is a little disappointing so I understand where you’re coming from.  The good thing is that all the links are permenant and will continue to build upon the new links we are creating to grow the link popularity and quality of Stone Mania, which in turn will improve rankings, traffic, and sales over the next few months.  Sometimes it can take some time for the search engines to make significant progress on rankings, we will be monitoring the movements closely this month as I anticipate things are set to skyrocket anytime now. If the results have not improved significantly this month we will provide additional links to give the site a boost in the search engines.

Normally by this time I would have left and found an alternate company but as I had been well recommended, I decided to stick with it and trust what I was being told.  I’m far from naive in this field and was already very worried but decided to hold out for a few more months.  April’s report was just as disappointing with Gemstone Jewellery slipping down yet again, two other keywords remaining unchanged and three moving up by just one place.  It was time for a stronger email and below is what I wrote:

I have given you access to my Google analytics account which you should be able to access through your own Google Analytics log in.  My reason for doing this is because I’d like you to look at the impact that the your SEO work has had on my website.  If you set the date span to start at the 15th December and finish at the end of March, you’ll see that bounce rate, time spent on site and overall traffic has remained relatively unchanged during this time period.  Although I’ve mentioned this a few times now, I am now beginning to get rather concerned as all the SEO companies with whom I’ve worked with in the past have been able to show results after three months and on the 15th April, you would have been working for me for four months and still there is virtually no improvement at all let alone any significant changes.

Five days later, I received the following which was part of a longer response:

Sorry for the late response, I wanted to review your progress thoroughly before responding.  After reviewing your Google analytics I can see the rather steady traffic flow with not too much improvement so I am definitely keen to improve this for you before June.  What we will do to boost your rankings throughout April is create an additional layer of backlinks for you which should create some potency in the search engines and have you getting first page rankings for the majority of your keywords by June.

SEO Juice had so far not had any success at all in promoting any of the six keywords that we had both agreed on and Gemstone Jewellery had always been in the top ten listings for as long as Stone Mania had been online, yet it too continued to slip down the rankings.  Dave suggested this was down to the nature of my keywords and said he wanted to promote a range of different keywords which in his words ‘should rank quite quickly and hopefully give you a significant boost in traffic within the next month or so.’  Needless to say, they did neither!

In mid April I received my monthly report from Ally Church, Operations Manager at SEOJuice . net.  This was interesting because after I stopped using the company and referred back to their posting in the Warrior forum, I found a sparkling review which highly praised the company.  I think the article and the author speak for themselves.  I’m very pleased to see that since reporting this post, the author has been banned.

Screen Shot from Warrior Forum

In the next email to Dave in which I yet again complain that there has still been no significant improvement in ranking for Stone Mania on Google, he replied:

You may have heard about Googles next major update “Penguin 2.0” which is just around the corner. I am very excited to see the results from this on your campaign as we have been travelling in the same direction as Google in terms of link quality for some time now.

In reply to yet another concerned email, he stated:

I can see the drop for “gemstone jewellery” which seems quite concerning, as well as a few other drops so I can definitely understand your concern.

He then started to blame the poor results on the platform that my website runs on which is not only one of the largest but it also hosts hundreds of thousands of eCommerce sites all around the world.  The platform which he subsequently recommended I change to is totally unsuitable for any eCommerce site:

I honestly think that in order to save your online business the last straw would be to convert your website to…………This will dramatically improve loading speed, the ease of the search engine bots to crawl the website, plus many more benefits.  Another idea is if we move your budget from the consistent monthly backlinks to a higher level of content concentration for just a month or two we should see some decent improvements which could potentially save your online business.

By this time my patience was running very thin and I was already looking for someone else.  When my search engine ranking report for June arrived, Gemstone Jewellery was sitting in 48th place (it was in second when I first went to SEO juice) and Gemstone Rings was at 69.  This was after six months work.  At the beginning of August I advised Dave Adamson that I no longer wanted to do business with his company to which he replied:

Although it is disapointing, I definitely see your point of view in terminating the SEO plan due to the results just not picking up despite our efforts and extra work.

In my next posting I’ll detail the guarantees this company make and what they claim they’ll do to keep your business.

Thankfully my gemstone jewellery business Stone Mania is slowly recovering from the immense damage this company caused and it is my intention to try and warn others to stay very well clear of them.