Shungite and Crystal Healing

Like many rocks and minerals on this magnificent planet, shungite has been around for a very, very long time, over two billion years in fact and it’s known to contain something called fullerene which is the only molecular form of carbon. Shungite has the ability to purify water and some people have reported health benefits from using it.  Along with many other crystals, rocks and minerals, shungite is widely used for its curative powers which brings about the question, do crystals, rocks and minerals really have magical and mysterious properties or is it just a load of old bull?

I believe that the authenticity of crystal healing is something that each person has to decide for themselves and nobody should ever ‘poo poo’ something simply because they don’t believe in it. Anyone who has used crystals or experienced crystal healing will have a different story to tell and whilst some will fob it off as rubbish, others believe in it wholeheartedly.  I’m very open minded about the subject of crystal healing but it’s a topic that I’m also particularly interested in not only because crystals, rocks and minerals are my business, but also because they’re my passion and a significant part of my life.

Minerals may well have some kind of energy or healing benefit that we have not yet come to understand and it’s worth bearing in mind that all living creatures which includes us, need to ingest certain minerals in order to stay healthy.  They’re also present in many of the foods that we eat, the creams that we apply and medicines and vitamins that we digest so how can we say with confidence that shungite for example, does not have curative or holistic powers?  Could it be that we just don’t fully understand these curious objects because the human race hasn’t yet evolved sufficiently to allow us to be able to see them in a different light?  Shungite has been around for two billion years whereas the human race has only been here for about two hundred thousand so in the grand scheme of things, we’re still pretty young and it’s highly likely that many things on this planet are still way beyond our comprehension.

Alternative medicines and healing practices have been around for thousands of years and in some parts of the world, they’re still used extensively today.  Conventional medicine on the other hand is still relatively young but with all the wonders that it brings, we still cant even cure the common cold.

There is ongoing research being carried out relating to the effect that shungite has on slowing down the HIV virus.  That said, nobody in their right mind is going to use shungite instead of their antiretroviral drugs however it is possible that in years to come, it may well be used as part of HIV related drug therapy so there’s no harm in keeping an open mind about what else this curious mineraloid may be able to do.

The point I’m trying to make is that we’re very quick to pass things off that we don’t fully understand as being nonsense yet our world has been around for over four billion years and modern civilization as we know it is just a few thousand years old so we still have so much to learn about our planet, its resources and what everything does.

I work with crystals, rocks and minerals because I have a genuine interest in them, they make me feel happy and I love being around them.  I am certainly not in a position to say conclusively whether they have any guaranteed health benefits or that a particular stone will bring luck or change your life for the better but what I can say, is keep an open mind and think of the placebo effect.  There is evidence which confirms that people with certain ailments or conditions respond positively when given a placebo which they believe is going to help them and this certainly confirms the power of mind over matter and the theory that if you believe in something hard enough, it may actually work but if you don’t, it won’t. On the other hand however, could it be that like medicines, certain crystals only work with certain people and not all of them have the same effect on everyone?

When experimenting with alternative or holistic therapies such as crystal healing, never stop taking any prescribed medication but there’s absolutely no harm at all within reason, of trying something that you believe could benefit you in some way.

Since launching Stone Mania in 2002 I have read extensively on the subject of crystals, rocks and minerals and the powers they are believed to have.  I’ve heard countless stories from people who swear by them and who feel their energy and almost as many from those who think crystal healing is a load of codswallop.  Of course I take some of what I hear with a pinch of salt but you cannot dismiss everything and I also have some of my own experiences which I cannot fully explain. What I do know is that there are so many beautiful crystals, rocks and minerals on this planet and shungite is just one of them so let’s enjoy these colourful and fascinating natural objects for what they are and if they have additional curative powers, all the better.

The history of shungite and what is known about it so far makes really interesting reading and if carrying this mineraloid makes you feel happier, less stressed or just comfortable, then what harm can it do?

Just food for thought.



Shungite is a rare and relatively unknown material which comes exclusively from Russia and having discovered it, we’re now completely fascinated by it.  Rough shungite is a lustrous material which is also surprisingly light weight and it has a black residue similar that of coal.  Due to its rarity, stones can be quite expensive and as with all natural minerals, there are different qualities.  We first bought shungite for our collection from one of our regular suppliers in Cape Town but upon returning to the UK, started researching this strange and unique material in more depth.  The stones that we bought back with us sold quickly and hence we bought more during our next visit.  Once again they didn’t last long so we started looking to see whether we could buy our next parcel of shungite directly from the source in Russia where it’s mined.

After extensive and sometimes difficult communication by email, we eventually found a reputable supplier and following the arrival of a couple of low grade parcels, we received two large boxes of elite shungite.  This is the finest grade of material that’s available and these pieces were of a higher grade than the stones we’d bought in Cape Town and better still, they were also slightly cheaper.

Shungite is known to be at least two billion years old and for mineral enthusiasts like us, it’s quite exciting to be able to hold something that’s been around for so long.   The elite grade of shungite in particular is highly sought after by crystal healers for its curative powers and is known by some as the ‘miracle stone’ and ‘stone of life’.  Whilst there may be a degree of scepticism surrounding the effectiveness of crystal healing and the energies that crystals, rocks and minerals are believed to hold, many people swear by this holistic therapy and as has been proven time and time again, if a placebo pill can have a positive therapeutic effect on someone’s well-being, why shouldn’t the power of crystal healing be just as effective for those who believe in it?

With that said, who can say for certain and without any doubt that the crystals, rocks and minerals that are the building blocks of our planet and many others as well, do not have genuine mysterious powers?  Having dealt with these beautiful and magical objects for much of my working life, I am very open minded to their healing abilities and have heard many stories about the way crystals have impacted on people’s lives both in a positive and negative way.  I’ve also also had a few experiences of my own and one thing I can say for sure is that these fascinating objects make me feel calm and content, they lift my mood, I love looking at them and working with them and even just being around them and if that’s not enough proof they they have some kind of strange and magical power, then I don’t know what is.

I currently have three amazing pieces of elite shungite in my personal collection of rocks and minerals but am always tempted to add a few more each time a new parcel of stones arrive.

More information on this rare and intriguing mineraloid can be found in the “Minerals” section of our website.