Shungite is a rare and relatively unknown material which comes exclusively from Russia and having discovered it, we’re now completely fascinated by it.  Rough shungite is a lustrous material which is also surprisingly light weight and it has a black residue similar that of coal.  Due to its rarity, stones can be quite expensive and as with all natural minerals, there are different qualities.  We first bought shungite for our collection from one of our regular suppliers in Cape Town but upon returning to the UK, started researching this strange and unique material in more depth.  The stones that we bought back with us sold quickly and hence we bought more during our next visit.  Once again they didn’t last long so we started looking to see whether we could buy our next parcel of shungite directly from the source in Russia where it’s mined.

After extensive and sometimes difficult communication by email, we eventually found a reputable supplier and following the arrival of a couple of low grade parcels, we received two large boxes of elite shungite.  This is the finest grade of material that’s available and these pieces were of a higher grade than the stones we’d bought in Cape Town and better still, they were also slightly cheaper.

Shungite is known to be at least two billion years old and for mineral enthusiasts like us, it’s quite exciting to be able to hold something that’s been around for so long.   The elite grade of shungite in particular is highly sought after by crystal healers for its curative powers and is known by some as the ‘miracle stone’ and ‘stone of life’.  Whilst there may be a degree of scepticism surrounding the effectiveness of crystal healing and the energies that crystals, rocks and minerals are believed to hold, many people swear by this holistic therapy and as has been proven time and time again, if a placebo pill can have a positive therapeutic effect on someone’s well-being, why shouldn’t the power of crystal healing be just as effective for those who believe in it?

With that said, who can say for certain and without any doubt that the crystals, rocks and minerals that are the building blocks of our planet and many others as well, do not have genuine mysterious powers?  Having dealt with these beautiful and magical objects for much of my working life, I am very open minded to their healing abilities and have heard many stories about the way crystals have impacted on people’s lives both in a positive and negative way.  I’ve also also had a few experiences of my own and one thing I can say for sure is that these fascinating objects make me feel calm and content, they lift my mood, I love looking at them and working with them and even just being around them and if that’s not enough proof they they have some kind of strange and magical power, then I don’t know what is.

I currently have three amazing pieces of elite shungite in my personal collection of rocks and minerals but am always tempted to add a few more each time a new parcel of stones arrive.

More information on this rare and intriguing mineraloid can be found in the “Minerals” section of our website.