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Having already written about the black hat SEO techniques used by Dave Adamson of SEO Juice Australia (seo juice .net) and his subsequent bare faced lies which served no purpose other to further infuriate me, I was interested to see three reviews of his company which have recently popped up on Twitter.  Sadly because the Operations Manager at SEO Juice, Ally Church has already written at least two sparkling reviews that I know of on the company masquerading as a customer which she then posted in the Warrior Forum claiming they were written before she worked for the company, it’s pretty hard to trust anything that is now written about them.

From my own experience with SEO Juice and Dave Adamson in particular, I would suspect any reviews on this company that refer to them in a positive light are probably fixed.  I signed up with them in good faith, all email correspondence between Dave and myself during the period we worked together was friendly and I went to him to take advantage of the SEO services that he offered.  When I terminated my agreement after not seeing any improvement at all after almost seven months, only then did things become very unpleasant.

If you make guarantees in black and white to refund money if certain results cannot be achieved and you do this time and time and time again both in forums and on your own website, surely you need to honor this when the work you have been doing has clearly not paid off.  Furthermore if you out-source work to India and it’s then brought to your attention that they have been using black hat SEO techniques which have caused significant damage to your customer’s website, just apologize and help put things right!  Why on earth would you deny that your company had built these spammy links when you have already sent them the URL’s in your monthly report and even worse, then tell bare faced lies to try to pass the blame on to your customer for there not being ANY improvement in search engine ranking?

I’m pleased that I have been able to substantiate what happened between SEO Juice and myself by producing actual screen shots of email correspondence between Dave Adamson and myself and forum postings because this confirms undoubtedly, what a liar and a cheat he actually is.   There are many, many genuine companies out there who work tirelessly to promote themselves online in a good light but sadly there are just as many who absolutely cannot be trusted and I feel it’s really important to highlight these cowboy companies so that other businesses do not get taken in by them in the way that I was.

SEO Juice is a search engine optimization company run by Dave Adamson and they’re based in New South Wales in Australia.  If you value your online business and want it to succeed in the eyes of Google, then I would definitely avoid this company and take the promises that they make on their website with a pinch of salt.


Warrior Forum Protects SEO Scammer

Although I have never been one to post in forums or contribute to threads, I do enjoy reading them and believe they’re a great way to gain knowledge and to see different people’s point of view.  As the owner of Stone Mania, an online business who deals in crystals, rocks and minerals, I have always been particularly interested in threads which relate to SEO. Search engine optimization is extremely important for any website to succeed and although there are plenty of legitimate companies out there ready to help you to achieve decent rankings the right way, there are also plenty of scammers of which SEO Juice owned by Dave Adamson is one.

I have a pretty good knowledge of SEO having been working with it for over fifteen years but I don’t always have as much time as I’d like to invest in my promoting my website. With Google continuously modifying its algorithm it’s important to stay on top of things and to do that, a significant amount of time needs to be invested in any online business.  Google is not stupid and there’s no short cuts to a page one ranking, if you want to be in that privileged position, you have to put the work in and slowly you’ll start to see the results.  It’s also vital that only ‘white hat’ SEO techniques are used and these are techniques which are recognized and approved by the search engines, ‘black hat’ techniques on the other hand go against all of their rules, policies and guidelines.  These prohibited and very aggressive strategies will undoubtedly result in your website tumbling like a rock before finally being banned and you can rest assured that before long, your online business will begin to fail.

Writing quality articles and building strong and relevant links to promote your website is part of what good white hat SEO involves but this can be extremely time consuming.  As a result many of us look towards SEO companies for help and this is where things can become more complicated.  Although there are many legitimate SEO companies out there, there are also many like SEO Juice who will all too readily use black hat techniques whilst telling you they’re doing exactly the opposite.  You would have thought that a well established forum such as the Warrior Forum, would certainly not want any such company using their space to attract unsuspecting customers, but in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth.

One of the oldest rules in SEO is avoid companies at all costs who make guarantees of page one ranking as Google is far to clever to allow anyone to get the upper hand by taking short cuts.  Every online business wants to be on page one of Google for its most relevant keywords so if a company could guarantee that, we’d all be using them!  Having said that, even those of us who are very well aware of this sometimes get caught out.

I first came across Dave Adamson of SEO Juice in his Warrior forum thread in which he made these very guarantees.


Originally posted 19th May 2011

Originally posted 19th May 2011


The advert which was first posted on 19th May 2011 made many promises and guarantees which immediately made me very wary so I didn’t use his company on this occasion and went elsewhere.  Sadly after a few months, I wasn’t satisfied with the company I had chosen so started looking once again and soon came across a second thread posted by Dave Adamson in the Warrior forum dated 4th July 2012.  The actual promotional part of the thread was exactly the same as the first one I’d seen and again repeatedly made guarantees that SEO Juice would achieve top five ranking for at least one of your keywords or your money back.


Guarantees from SEO Juice

Guarantees from SEO Juice

Despite being wary, I really wanted my business to improve in ranking so read both threads in full and Googled SEO Juice to see what else I could find out about the company.  Many questions had been posted on the thread in the Warrior Forum and Dave answered them all courteously and in a timely manner.


4July12 work for free


Finally I decided to give them a go thinking if nothing came of it, I could always move on and look elsewhere so I didn’t think I had anything to lose but little did I know!

Not being a member of the Warrior forum at the time and not wanting to join solely for the purpose of getting in touch with Dave Adamson at SEO Juice, I emailed him directly through his own website and after a friendly exchange of emails, I signed up to one of their plans.  After six months of being with them I saw absolutely NO improvement at all in ranking or traffic to my website despite them working on just six keywords all of which were not particularly competitive.  In fact traffic and ranking both fell dramatically month after month and despite contacting Dave regularly to voice my concerns, he used every excuse in the book from my website not being on a suitable platform, the site was written using ‘sluggish code’, website response speed was slow, my keywords were too broad etc, etc.

When I finally started talking about terminating my agreement with him he didn’t show any interest at all in continuing to work with me nor did he offer me any money back.  Having instructed another SEO company to take over from him, I quickly began to discover how much damage he had caused over the last six months to my online business.  He had been farming work out to India and they had been using all kinds of black hat SEO techniques including building spammy links back to my site and taking various snippets of text from my home page and pasting them randomly in hundreds of different forums.  They’d also been building one sentence links which made little or no sense at all and linked them back to my website using the agreed keywords.  All of this was the reason Stone Mania was plummeting down Google’s rankings yet each time I asked Dave why the site wasn’t doing well, he came up with another bare faced lie.

Armed with this new information I contacted Dave Adamson at SEO Juice and he absolutely denied everything and kept repeating that all work that had been done on my website was white hat SEO.  When I sent him the URL’s that he had sent me each month in my monthly report which clearly showed that hundreds and hundreds of spammy links had been built, he changed his tune and offered to refund part of my money although he claimed it was the full amount that I had paid.  He also asked that I not write any bad reviews on his company and the settlement would bring the matter to a close.  As I continued to push  for the full $2,628 that I had paid over six months, he became increasingly irate and asked that I stop harassing him.  Quickly realizing that this wasn’t going to get me anywhere, I signed up to the Warrior Forum and started posting on SEO Juice’s own threads giving my opinions of his services but these were all quickly deleted by forum moderators.

Original Review


Initially thinking my comments may have been deleted because they linked to my own blog  which is where I had written in greater detail about my experience with SEO Juice, I re submitted my comments without links but all were quickly deleted yet again.  Dave Adamson continued to accuse me of harassing him and even after I spoke to one of the moderators of the forum and offered to send him emails of the communication which took place between the two of us to confirm I was telling the truth, he still wasn’t interested and continued to allow SEO Juice to post in the forum and I was barred.  I also advised him that I had found two phony reviews written about SEO Juice by their own Operations Manager, Ally Church but he claimed they could have been written as she claimed, before she worked for the company.  No matter what I did to try and highlight that Dave Adamson was a liar and a cheat who is prepared to do whatever it takes to get business, from Warrior forum members, my complaint fell on deaf ears.

Personally I suspect that SEO Juice pays decent money to the Warrior forum in order to be able to post such adverts and as a result, they don’t wan’t to lose them as clients even if that is at the expense of people who use their forum.   It’s blatantly obvious that everything that Dave Adamson is doing to attract business, points towards him being an SEO scammer and the catastrophic results and subsequent penalty notice that I received from Google relating to SEO on my website, further confirm this.

If you still aren’t completely convinced that SEO Juice are a company to avoid, you can see all of the email communication that was exchanged between Dave Adamson and myself right here

There are several posts in my blog which go into great depth about what exactly took place during the seven month period that I used this company.  I would strongly recommend that if you are considering paying to have SEO carried out on your website, you read the emails very carefully and then decide whether SEO Juice run by Dave Adamson is a company you would trust with your online business.

The Communication: Dave Adamson of SEO Juice & Stone Mania

The Communication: Dave Adamson of SEO Juice & Stone Mania

Here I have published the email communication between Dave Adamson of SEO Juice and myself regarding the ongoing dispute over SEO that he did for Stone Mania on our website.

SEO Juice is a company who should be avoided at all costs if you value your online business.

Dangerous SEO

Stone Mania is a London based business who sells crystals, rocks and minerals online.  The company was formed in 2002 and the website followed soon after.  Having spent many, many hours over the last ten years learning about search engine optimization so that my website would appear in the first few pages of Google, I can honestly say that I’m no stranger to the way things work or what Google expects from those hoping to promote their website.  What I do know without a shadow of a doubt is that the success of an online business is largely dependent on how easy it can be found in Google’s rankings using the most relevant keywords.  Get this right and you’re well on your way to having a successful business, get it wrong and it could be a disaster.

Selling crystals, rocks and minerals online is extremely competitive and there are many websites all of whom want to be on page one for the most relevant keywords for their type of products.  So for example if someone searches Google using the term Rocks and Minerals and a website appears on page one or possibly two, the chances of attracting new business will be significantly higher than if it appears on page three or beyond.  However for a keyword to be successful it needs to be promoted well and for those who don’t have the time to do this themselves, one of the alternatives is to consider using a company who specializes in SEO or search engine optimization.  Statistics clearly demonstrate that very few internet users go beyond page one when looking at search results, if they cannot find what they’re looking for within a few seconds, they’ll search again using different words.

The primary aim of any search engine is to offer their users as enjoyable an experience as possible and most of all they want to ensure only the very best websites appear in their results.  From an online trader’s point of view, the most important thing is to rank as highly as possible hence people are prepared to spend huge sums of money to try and ensure they achieve page one or two ranking.  The combination of exactly what is needed to be a top ranking website in Google remains a well guarded secret and they intend to keep it that way but they do make it very well known how you can generally achieve this.  Whilst there are many tips and recommendations online about how a website can improve, some things are never shared and this leads to a great deal of speculation.  Google also releases updates online which address specific problems that arise for example the Panda update of 2011 addressed the issue of low quality webpages filled with duplicate and uninteresting content and subsequently Penguin released in 2012 addressed the issue of artificially manipulating the number of inbound links.  Links have always been considered an important contributing factor to the success of a website however these need to be genuine and carefully accumulated as opposed to just having a mass of low quality, irrelevant or spammy links.


Screenshot of one of the rotating banners at SEO Juice . net

The business of SEO deals with the promotion of a website in a variety of ways with the ultimate aim being to improve search engine ranking.  It goes without saying that there are many companies out there who make promises and guarantees they cannot keep simply to attract new business and anyone with any knowledge in this field, will be well aware that it’s just not feasible to offer a guarantee of page one ranking with highly competitive keywords.  Whilst trying to promote Stone Mania over the last ten years, I’ve met my fair share of time wasters in this field so understandably am extremely cautious with regards to who I give my business to, however what I do have on my side now is a comprehensive understanding of SEO hence I am much more savvy than I used to be.  That said, it makes it even more frustrating when I look back and see the mistakes that I made with SEO Juice, an Australian based company run by Dave Adamson who I used to try and promote my website for six months.  They farmed work on my website out to a company in India who in turn used ‘black hat’ SEO techniques which severely damaged the reputation of my website causing it to be penalized by Google.  As a result not only did Stone Mania tumble almost into oblivion on all search engine rankings but I also lost out on many months of revenue because I received virtually no new business at all during that time.

When I first went to SEO Juice I explained to Dave Adamson that I currently appeared in the top ten pages of Google for most of my relevant keywords including crystals, rocks and minerals but I would like to have a stronger presence on page one.  After six months of working with them, six of my strongest keywords showed up outside of the top one hundred pages of Google.

I paid SEO Juice almost $3000 over six months and in return I almost lost my business as a result of the work they carried out.  They make very clear statements on their website and in their adverts yet it’s all lies and I  hope writing about my experience with them will prevent others from falling victim.

SEO Juice

Screenshot of one of the rotating banners at SEO Juice . net